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Draw close to the Tzadikim

Tzadikim Portraits

Pictures of Tzadikim

Design beautiful walls filled with your favorite tzadikim

Magic Frame No Nails Needed

Magic Frame Included

(No nails needed)

Get your portraits in a stylish frame that stick directly to your wall and leave no damage behind!


Free Shipping


Perfect Size

Perfect Size

8x8 inches

תמונות של צדיקים
תמונות של צדיקים

“וְהָי֥וּ עֵינֶ֖יךָ רֹא֥וֹת אֶת־מוֹרֶֽיךָ”


The Chatam Sofer writes (Parashat Vayishlach) that when one looks at the face of a Tzadik, it makes an impression on the person for the good. Similarly, the Arizal Hakadosh writes that looking at the face of a tzadik purifies one's neshama.


Magic Frame Included / Size: 8x8 inches / Price: 1 for $36 ~ 4 or more for $30 each

    Reviews that made our day

    M.A ~ New York

    “The pictures are so beautiful!!  It looks like the rabbonim are looking right into your eyes. My whole family is obsessed!! They want to order for themselves as well. So happy I came across your page. Definitely will order more pictures in the future. Love it!!!”

    S.A ~ Florida

    "We love the product and so does everyone else who sees it in our home. We’ve been looking for portraits of tzadikkim that are affordable and have the same look/feel for over a year. We are hoping to expand our collection on the wall sometime soon and hope that you can continue adding different tzadikkim to the site."

    G.T ~ New York

    "We love all of them. We can’t stop looking at them and saying how happy we are that we ordered them.  We are already thinking of which of ones to get next. We are extremely happy with our purchased and our entire experience with you guys.

    Thanks so much."





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